Can “Innovation” Make Healthcare Worse? 7 Common Innovation Anti-Patterns

I work with a lot of healthcare organisations who, quite rightly, have a significant interest in “innovation”, and how new approaches, techniques and technologies can help them improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the healthcare services that they deliver. I’m genuinely excited by the potential of some of this innovation, which could transform our […]

Care Plans, Goals, Actions and Outcomes: The Future Health Record

It has been a while since I last wrote, having been busy with consulting work, keynote speaking and a family holiday in Europe. As I have been reflecting on new topics to write about, I have realised that there are a number of exciting ideas that need some air time, as I have rarely seen […]

Removing The Barriers To Patient Engagement: How Consumer Health Technology Can Reach Its Potential

I was kindly asked by Philips in the UK to write an article for their Future Health Index site.  I encourage you to check it out! Removing the barriers to patient engagement: How consumer health technology can reach its potential    

What Exactly Is Digital Health?

So what exactly is Digital Health? The majority of people that I speak to still don’t really understand what Digital Health is, nor its potential implications.  Many people, particularly Government health departments are still using the term synonymously with eHealth, which shows a great misunderstanding of the potential power of Digital Health.  As I’ve said […]

Is Poor Diagnosis a Leading Cause of Inefficiency in the Health System?

Much of the load on the health system is the consequence of the poor performance of current diagnosis processes.  Of GPs who think that their instinct is better than it actually is.  Of wild stabs in the dark based on prejudice, assumption and the couple of questions that GPs have time to ask in a six […]

Health Innovation at #WISH2016

This week I’m in Doha, Qatar, for the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) 2016.  I was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of the Lifeguard Health Networks team, presenting their solution as part of the Innovation Showcases. I’ve been to a lot of health conferences in my time, but I must say […]

Separating The Signal From The Noise – Finding Clinical Relevance In Consumer Health Data

In it’s unadulterated form, consumer health data is 99+% noise.  If we present it to health providers in this form, we’re going to very quickly turn them off the idea of gathering data from patients and caregivers.  Any who could blame them?  If Digital Health is going to add value to busy health providers, we […]

Digital Health = Globalised Healthcare

Why does my GP or specialist need to be in the same country as me, the patient?  If I’m already paying out-of-pocket to see a GP (which some of us are) or a specialist (which most of us are), and I can undertake that appointment online, why wouldn’t I go with a service that has high […]

New Models of Care, Not Just Mobile Health Apps

In order to envisage a better (i.e. more transparent, safe, accessible, sustainable and efficient) health system than we have today, we must lift our vision above the siloed mobile health app as the building block of future improvement.  Seen correctly, mobile apps are the current delivery channel of choice for new, digitally-enabled models of care, but not […]