The Top 5 Digital Health Innovations You Might Not Have Heard Of

Philips Healthcare in the UK asked me to write another article for their Future Health Index site.  I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out… The top 5 digital health innovations you might not have heard of  

Removing The Barriers To Patient Engagement: How Consumer Health Technology Can Reach Its Potential

I was kindly asked by Philips in the UK to write an article for their Future Health Index site.  I encourage you to check it out! Removing the barriers to patient engagement: How consumer health technology can reach its potential    

Why Telehealth Won’t Make Healthcare Sustainable

Telehealth (i.e. video conferencing) does nothing to change the fundamentally flawed current architecture of healthcare.  In fact, it serves to reinforce the view that healthcare is about face-to-face appointments, albeit via video conferencing.  Telehealth does nothing to improve sustainability by allowing patients to interact with health information, but merely digitises an existing construct.   Underlying […]

Why We Need Deep Medication Adherence Information

It is important to remember that one of the key reasons for gathering medication adherence data is to facilitate a conversation with a health provider regarding the complex issues of side effects, burden and cost, as well as other behavioural, psychological and financial reasons why a patient may be struggling with medication compliance.  These reasons need […]

Digital Health = Globalised Healthcare

Why does my GP or specialist need to be in the same country as me, the patient?  If I’m already paying out-of-pocket to see a GP (which some of us are) or a specialist (which most of us are), and I can undertake that appointment online, why wouldn’t I go with a service that has high […]

Patient Reported Outcomes vs Consumer Health Device Data

… Through the work that I’ve been doing on gathering data from patients, it is becoming apparent that Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) data is often of significantly greater clinical value than consumer health device data.   When most people think of digital health, they immediately think of consumer health devices.  Fitbits.  Blood pressure monitors.  Heart […]

New Models of Care, Not Just Mobile Health Apps

In order to envisage a better (i.e. more transparent, safe, accessible, sustainable and efficient) health system than we have today, we must lift our vision above the siloed mobile health app as the building block of future improvement.  Seen correctly, mobile apps are the current delivery channel of choice for new, digitally-enabled models of care, but not […]