Digital Health = Globalised Healthcare

Why does my GP or specialist need to be in the same country as me, the patient?  If I’m already paying out-of-pocket to see a GP (which some of us are) or a specialist (which most of us are), and I can undertake that appointment online, why wouldn’t I go with a service that has high […]

Patient Reported Outcomes vs Consumer Health Device Data

… Through the work that I’ve been doing on gathering data from patients, it is becoming apparent that Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) data is often of significantly greater clinical value than consumer health device data.   When most people think of digital health, they immediately think of consumer health devices.  Fitbits.  Blood pressure monitors.  Heart […]

Activating the Caregiver – The Overlooked Lever in Healthcare

The intrinsically motivated caregiver (or circle of care) is one of the most powerful tools we have in the digital health toolbox.  And yet it has little or no focus.   As you may have noticed in previous blog entries, I’m a huge supporter of engaged patients and have posted previously on my (and my […]

Elevating the Role of Patient-Curated Med Lists in Meds Rec Processes

… based on data that I have recently been studying, patient-curated medication lists are more likely to be accurate than clinically-curated medication lists.   In my experience, the majority of clinicians don’t have a lot of respect for patient-curated medication lists.  I believe that a growing evidence base shows that this view is unfounded, and I […]

New Models of Care, Not Just Mobile Health Apps

In order to envisage a better (i.e. more transparent, safe, accessible, sustainable and efficient) health system than we have today, we must lift our vision above the siloed mobile health app as the building block of future improvement.  Seen correctly, mobile apps are the current delivery channel of choice for new, digitally-enabled models of care, but not […]

The Rise of the Expert Patient

Our model of distributing medical knowledge to the front line of healthcare delivery is broken.  Completely broken. Through my work I’m fortunate to meet a lot a patients and carers, and to hear their often powerful and moving stories. As I listen to these stories, a number of key themes run through many of them, particularly […]

Our Journey: How Digital Health Communities Got Us Through Tough Times

So I want to take you back to 2007, and tell you about the epic journey that my wife and I had through the health system… Now the stereotype of pregnancy is that it is a wonderful, happy time, and of healthy, glowing expectant mothers.  Well, not so much. When my wife was pregnant with our […]

Patient as Aggregator: The Logical Conclusion of Patient Owned Health Data?

The recent announcement that HealthKit in iOS 10 will support the storing and viewing of CCD / CDA documents has got me thinking.  Are Personal Health Records on a path to possible disruption of health system operated Electronic Health Records? More specifically, if we believe the growing rhetoric of the health system that “patients own […]

The Healthcare Reformation

What sits behind the rise of Digital Health is not ultimately about technology.  It goes far deeper.  Fundamentally, we’re seeing a significant cultural shift in healthcare, driven by patients and carers.  Through the internet, mobile devices and Digital Health Communities we’re seeing the democratisation of medical knowledge. Knowledge that was previously only available to and […]

I’m Not Confused…

As I said at #hic16 on Monday… I’m not confused. I just want more from healthcare. I don’t want to self-diagnose. But I do want explanations – more explanations than you can give me in the few minutes that you have before you see your next patient. I want information. I want to hear other […]