The Myth of Evidence Based Medicine (in Primary Care in Australia)

Let me be clear from the outset: I’m grateful for modern medicine.  Without it, myself and many members of my family would be dead. I’m also grateful for doctors.  The majority are very well motivated.  Many are excellent at what they do. With all that said, the more I have worked in healthcare (in Australia), […]

“And So It Begins…” – Why We Need To Talk About Medical Paternalism

Without being a “difficult patient”, I believe that I would have had to go 50+ hours without food whilst waiting for surgery, rather than the 30 hours I did wait.  Was it really a reasonable expectation that a patient fit around the inability of the hospital to forecast and plan surgical demand in that way?  […]

Why We Need a Partnership Model Between Patients and Doctors

As our health systems slowly (and quite often reluctantly) become aware of the importance of listening to patients, and the growing evidence base to support the fact that engaged patients get better health outcomes, I want to make the case for developing a partnership model between patients and doctors. Before I discuss why I think […]

Patients as Health Consumers

As a health consumer, it would be good to see a move towards funding models that reward health outcomes as well as occasions of service.  But, regardless of whether we see those changes in 2 years or 20 years, the expectations of increasingly digitally-savvy health consumers will be a driver of choice, accessibility and quality, […]

The Top 5 Digital Health Innovations You Might Not Have Heard Of

Philips Healthcare in the UK asked me to write another article for their Future Health Index site.  I’d really appreciate it if you checked it out… The top 5 digital health innovations you might not have heard of  

Removing The Barriers To Patient Engagement: How Consumer Health Technology Can Reach Its Potential

I was kindly asked by Philips in the UK to write an article for their Future Health Index site.  I encourage you to check it out! Removing the barriers to patient engagement: How consumer health technology can reach its potential    

Separating The Signal From The Noise – Finding Clinical Relevance In Consumer Health Data

In it’s unadulterated form, consumer health data is 99+% noise.  If we present it to health providers in this form, we’re going to very quickly turn them off the idea of gathering data from patients and caregivers.  Any who could blame them?  If Digital Health is going to add value to busy health providers, we […]

Open Your EMR To Patients – Let Patients Help

… I now believe that the only way to significantly improve clinical data quality is by opening up EMRs and Clinical Information Systems to patients and caregivers, allowing them to read all that is written about them, and to flag incorrect data.  In addition to the transparency of knowing what is being written about them, patients […]

Health Care Homes – A Patient’s Role in Continuity of Care

To achieve change, however, we need to see changes in behaviour from patients, not just health providers.  No amount of technology can ever replace the deep value of a long-term healthcare relationship between patient and doctor…   In recent weeks I’ve written a lot about the urgent need to drive deep change into health systems across […]

Why We Need Deep Medication Adherence Information

It is important to remember that one of the key reasons for gathering medication adherence data is to facilitate a conversation with a health provider regarding the complex issues of side effects, burden and cost, as well as other behavioural, psychological and financial reasons why a patient may be struggling with medication compliance.  These reasons need […]