Open Your EMR To Patients – Let Patients Help

… I now believe that the only way to significantly improve clinical data quality is by opening up EMRs and Clinical Information Systems to patients and caregivers, allowing them to read all that is written about them, and to flag incorrect data.  In addition to the transparency of knowing what is being written about them, patients […]

Health Care Homes – A Patient’s Role in Continuity of Care

To achieve change, however, we need to see changes in behaviour from patients, not just health providers.  No amount of technology can ever replace the deep value of a long-term healthcare relationship between patient and doctor…   In recent weeks I’ve written a lot about the urgent need to drive deep change into health systems across […]

Why Current Funding Models are Holding Back Digital Health

… fee-for-service funding models have served our health system well.  But their time has gone.  We need a new approach to creating incentives for health providers to deal with our current health crisis in a more sustainable way.   When done well, Digital Health offers the components (mobile devices, the level of smartphone ownership, patient reported […]

Why Telehealth Won’t Make Healthcare Sustainable

Telehealth (i.e. video conferencing) does nothing to change the fundamentally flawed current architecture of healthcare.  In fact, it serves to reinforce the view that healthcare is about face-to-face appointments, albeit via video conferencing.  Telehealth does nothing to improve sustainability by allowing patients to interact with health information, but merely digitises an existing construct.   Underlying […]

FHIR and the Real Challenge of Health Data Interoperability

… I think the hype risks misunderstanding the problem that we’re solving here.  Ultimately we’re not just sharing healthcare information between computers, but between people.  We must be able to share data between people and organisations, and be confident that we know what others meant when they captured or authored that data.   I spent the […]