Why We Need Deep Medication Adherence Information

It is important to remember that one of the key reasons for gathering medication adherence data is to facilitate a conversation with a health provider regarding the complex issues of side effects, burden and cost, as well as other behavioural, psychological and financial reasons why a patient may be struggling with medication compliance.  These reasons need […]

Without Improved Data Quality Our Health Systems Will Fail

The act of gathering large amounts of aggregated medical record data into one place creates a transparency that we haven’t had before.  It represents the next step in a maturity journey, allowing us to shine a light on some of the real root causes of systemic quality and safety issues in our health systems.  The […]

Multiple Miscarriage, MTHFR and Pharmacogenomics: Our Story

… this raises a huge question… How many other drugs are we prescribing to patients, without understanding their genome, that not only won’t help them, but might cause harm?  Pharmacogenomics (the study of how drugs interact with specific genomes) isn’t some nebulous idea that might become useful to medicine in 10+ years time.  Clinicians desperately […]

Digital Health = Globalised Healthcare

Why does my GP or specialist need to be in the same country as me, the patient?  If I’m already paying out-of-pocket to see a GP (which some of us are) or a specialist (which most of us are), and I can undertake that appointment online, why wouldn’t I go with a service that has high […]

Patient Reported Outcomes vs Consumer Health Device Data

… Through the work that I’ve been doing on gathering data from patients, it is becoming apparent that Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) data is often of significantly greater clinical value than consumer health device data.   When most people think of digital health, they immediately think of consumer health devices.  Fitbits.  Blood pressure monitors.  Heart […]

Activating the Caregiver – The Overlooked Lever in Healthcare

The intrinsically motivated caregiver (or circle of care) is one of the most powerful tools we have in the digital health toolbox.  And yet it has little or no focus.   As you may have noticed in previous blog entries, I’m a huge supporter of engaged patients and have posted previously on my (and my […]